This year the client presented the theme of ”History, According to Hollywood”. Along with messaging and bold graphics the following images explore a variety of concepts that reflect upon the idea of that theme. Each concept was developed in sets of three to illustrate the flexibility of each idea.


CONCEPT ONE - Iconic film imagery with bold humorous messaging.

CONCEPT TWO - opt. A: History in the Making. Iconic imagery with bold typography, including movie title and year of release footnote. opt. B: Typography treatment only, with the same overall look and feel.

CONCEPT THREE - opt. A: Iconic imagery representative of specific decades. opt. B: Same idea but the copy reflects different subject matter "According to Hollywood"

CONCEPT FOUR - Three different graphic approaches using the idea of a numeric timeline to illustrate history in Hollywood.

HORIZONTAL CREATIVE - For the Roosevelt window front in Hollywood.


This years theme revolves around the idea of "Family" and what role certain iconic film characters play within their movie family.


CONCEPT ONE - Each word communicates something about the character we know and love, while also connecting the overarching family theme by partnering it with the tagline "runs in the family".

CONCEPT TWO - This concept combines iconic film imagery with typography that calls out specific character types usually found within certain family dynamics... these terms are also reflective of the specific characters within each film.

CONCEPT THREE - An alternate illustrated approach that's not directly family related, but very iconic and had potential merchandising opportunities.